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What's My Type? Service Guarantee

Our guarantee of exceptionally high quality service is backed by the following promise:

No client will be required to pay any fees above the value that they determine the service is worth.

This means that our clients who are dissatisfied with our services may at anytime seek to terminate any or all services under the What's My Type? Service Guarantee and seek restitution for any and all amounts paid in excess of what they deem the service provided by What's My Type? to have been.

A Few Words About Us

The PTI is based upon the Psychological Types of Carl Jung

What's My Type? Is a privately owned Canadian company that has been in operation since 1988. Dr. Donald A. Wright is the founder of What's My Type? which retains all rights, trademarks and patents as the inventor and copyright holder of the PTI. The current legal counsel for our registrations is Gowlings.

Dr. Don has assembled a team of personalities that embody his view of a "Hot Group", a group of personalities and skill sets that optimize the operation of What's My Type? and help it to spread the incredible benefits of our Personality Type toolsets.

University undergraduate and graduate degrees

Doctoral Dissertation Executive Summary

Who We Are

Corporate Objectives

What's My Type? is a research and consulting practice that leverages its suite of Personality Type-based tools to help businesses deploy their human resources in the most effective way. What's My Type? provides this clarity through its suite of assessment tools, beginning with the Personality Type Inventory (PTI). Our objective is to help businesses large and small, optimize their hiring decisions and assemble working teams that exude positive energy and create synergy.

Our Mission

What's My Type? is committed to the purpose of researching, developing and consulting in a broad range of psychometric assessments. Our mission is to help people better align their personal and professional lives to their real personality, their true self.

Our Vision

Empowering people with a clear understanding of their innate personality helps them clarify their best choices in life, from careers to personal relationships. When employees are so empowered and positioned, the bottom line is directly affected. We strongly believe that we can help people lead more positive, happier lives by coaching them on their individual Personality Type and the characteristics that are unique to them.