PTI Toolbox Reports

We customize reports with your company name and logo.

The following links provide sample reports from the PTI Toolset.

Customized Services Overview

When companies place their employees in the right jobs – then employee satisfaction flourishes and productivity increases.

When high performance teams are assembled to optimize compatibility – creativity flourishes and productivity increases. What's My Type? has developed customized services that accomplish both and a lot more.

There are many personality and behavioural tools available on the market, make sure you choose ones that actually affect the bottom line.

Our customized services cover absolutely everything from behaviour based Advertising copy to behavioural descriptive interview questions. We make it simple and all inclusive so that you can be assured that nothing gets overlooked.

Gap Analysis

Compares business outcomes and team compatibility.

Gaps were communication is broken are indentified and solutions to fill them are provided.

View the strength of your organization.

Discover immediately where things are moving and how to influence the trends.
Develop effective employment strategies.

Perform "What If?" scenarios that will effectively redirect the culture to align with profitability.

Job Analysis

Selecting and Hiring the Best the PTI way.

Our selection process benchmarks your top performers to learn exactly how they drive revenue.

Pre-Interview Guide includes:
  • Key Duties/Responsibilities
  • Required Knowledge
  • Opportunities/Obstacles
  • Competencies
  • Key Behaviours
  • Written Interview Questions
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