The Leading Personality Type Assessment Toolsets

Every new person added to your organization impacts your customers, your company, and your bottom line.

You already know where you have been and where you are now. You also know where you want to be. So the question is "How do you get there?"

What's My Type? has quietly been developing a road map for you to find your success.

Let us answer the questions "Do you hire and promote staff into their ideal positions?" "Do you take personalities into account when you create working teams?" "Do you have tools to help you do this?" We will work with you to find more power in your corporate team's engine.

New Clients

What's My Type? is proud to announce its newest clients


Merge Inc is an innovator in marketing-focused web content and communications management solutions.


Skillstorm is the world’s most comprehensive online soccer training program for players, coaches, associations, parents and teachers.


Ensign Energy Services Inc. is Canada's second largest land-based drilling contractor and third largest well servicing contractor.

We appreciate all of our clients and wish them success.

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Our Reseller Program provides revenue incentives for installations, renewals and training packages. Let us show you how to introduce the PTI to your clients and grow your business.

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