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Innovation is the life blood flowing from conception to completion of your business strategy.

Creativity is a performance measure found within Personality Types. When you align people according to how they fit together productivity increases without any loss in resourcefulness. The secret lies hidden within the talents and abilities of people and not just their level of experience.

You can't expect to gain what was left out when the team was formed. But you can maximize every team member's potential.

Successful Solutions

Changing Your Corporate Culture
It's a simple matter of adding to the compatibility around your top performers and growing in that new direction.
Inventing A New Product
Product innovation results from seeing how things function from a new perspective and finding the right Type as a resource.

Hot Groups

Hot Groups are made to fit in with the key Personality Types
It all starts with just one or two contributors whose experience, knowledge and skills are essential like the hub of a wheel.
Unlike building teams where the focus is on the job requirements, Hot Group creation demands the highest compatibility with certain individuals who hold the vital knowledge to formulate solutions. Here is where a delicate balance of Personality Type diversity must be achieved with uncompromising compatibility.

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Power of PTI - Behavioural Assessment Screening

As we enter the new millennium, the number of student enrolments is increasing while the number of college seats is decreasing.

Many individuals are experiencing the pressures of having to be retrained or develop new occupational skills to compete in the workplace. Limiting the number of students being accepted in these programs means selecting students with the highest academic potential.

Unfortunately, not all students selected will complete their chosen programs. There are many reasons for students dropping out, but the most preventable one is failing to match the student with the correct workplace learning goals.